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Bessler Militzer Mattern

Experimental electronic music from Germany

UPDATE 7.11.2022

We have met for a recording session on 26.03.2022 in Frankfurt. We have recorded an about 3 hour improvisation. Our new LP EINNORDUNG contains 10 movements in 43 minutes in from this session.



How everything started

In January 2020 I was invited to a Jam session at the Institut für Neue Medien (INM) in Frankfurt. The session was organized by Stefan Militzer and Patrick Bessler. Both are leading the Phonophon society which promotes phonography and experimental electronic music. This evening was an extraordinary experience. I brought my acoustic guitar, but first left it in my car, because I had no idea what to expect from the evening, and if something as ordinary as an acoustic guitar could add value to experimental music. 


There were 8 sound producers in the room, sitting at a very large desk overcrowed with cables and electronic devices.  Everybody introduced what he wants to bring to the table for the evening. The set-up included self-created electronic devices, which detects light and produces noise depended on the amount of light occurs, as well as high-end analog synthesizer and modular gear. When I mentioned my acoustic guitar, Stefan said: “Super, that’s the first who is coming with a tonal instrument in about a year.”


I grabbed my guitar and we processed it through two channels. One with my direct signal and one that got modified through a device. It was the first time for me in almost five years that I have played guitar. And it was a highly emotional and very inspiring evening. The outcome, which reminded us partially to 70ties Kraut-Elektronik was more than promising. Therefore, Stefan, Patrick and I decided that we want to meet for another session to do a professional recording. 


On June 28.06.2020 we met again at the INM and set up a recording studio. We captured a professional sounding 4 hour improvisation. Which leads to one LP, 2 EP’s and one single release. 


  • Besser Militzer Mattern

Stefan Militzer - Modular Elektronic

Patrick Bessler - Synthesizer and special FX

Thomas Mattern - Guitar, mix and production


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